Market Research

Comprehensive Product and Service Surveys

  • development and adaptation of (new) products and services, tests of products and concepts
  • performance evaluation of products and services, detailed knowledge of the product / service from the customer´s perspective
  • strengths and weaknesses of concepts, products, services, including the identification of elements
  • potential estimations
  • compiling a correct pricing policy
  • Marketing Communication and Brand Management

    This sphere is also related to the exploration of brand image, communication needs of people and last but not least to brand management.

    The VERSATILE company has long and extensive experience in testing and interpretation of results of communication tests in the segment of FMCG.

    Description and Market Segmentation

    The company conducts the research focused on the market description and segmentation.

  • market shares
  • the potential, occupied space on the market and market niches
  • market segmentation - customers and / or potential customers
  • differences between these groups, regions, etc.
  • VERSATILE implements segmentation in close cooperation with the client, which allows to combine prospecting data with hard data and databases of real customer behaviour. Very often we help implement segmentation results to the client database, which provides its extra added value.

    Employee Surveys

  • loyalty indexes, satisfaction and motivation indexes of employees and co-workers
  • proposals for actions to effectively influence the loyalty and employee motivation
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